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About Nobile Shoes

A Passion for Comfort for Four Generations.

It is our goal to improve our customer’s quality of life.

We’ve been working with local physicians for over 4 generations. We will fit, manufacture and modify any footwear, foot, heel and ankle appliances and braces by a Doctor’s prescription.
Educating our customers on proper footwear and foot care is vital to prevent complications associated with their medical needs. This ensures maximum comfort pertaining to all their footwear needs.
When it comes to shoe and leather repair, we believe in complete customer satisfaction. We will rebuild or repair our customer’s footwear and handbags and recondition the leather for years of future use.
We have been active members in our local community and strive to help any organization and person in need. To this end, it is our goal to ensure availability of necessary facilities, supplies, products, and staff with the technical expertise to meet the physical and mental needs of our clients.

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